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Storage Media from the Market Leader
Networks, data centres, or servers are the basis of your business?

Rely on the recognized expertise of the market leader! For reliable data protection and archiving, we offer storage media from IBM that meet or exceed all standards through greater security and greater energy efficiency.

When can we welcome you as a Customer?   
Hersteller IBM und Server

Authorised direct master distributor for
IBM tape media
Since 2016, Sinus GmbH is a direct authorized master distributor for IBM tape media for EMEA (Europe, Middle EAST and Africa). We offer the whole range of magnetic tape storage, from magnetic tape 3592 Jaguar to the LTO Ultrium magnetic tape cartridges. Delegate your expensive and risky warehousing to us. Decades of experience in the tape media business and a continuous optimization of our workflows grant a reliable and punctual delivery of your orders.

Full service for your customers data
Sinus Angebot
Sinus GmbH specialises in all requirements for a reliable backup and archiving of data with magnetic tape storage. In the rapidly growing market for tape storage technologies, we offer you, and thus your customers, secure orientation with knowledge and comprehensive services, such as labelling and initialization of your storage media. We respond to all customer requests and try to fulfil them immediately to your satisfaction. In addition, we offer for distributors and resellers reliable marketing initiatives, such as technical product information and manufacturer photos, as well as individual support for PROMO campaigns.


Direct master distributor for
IBM tape media
Becoming an authorized master distributor for IBM tape media marked the latest development in the more than 30 years of corporate history of Sinus GmbH which was founded in 1987 by the two still active managing owners.

We give competent advise and develop tailor-made technical solutions for your customers with you.

Firma Sinus

Comprehensive knowledge and service
We give competent advise and develop tailor-made technical solutions for your customers with you. Benefit from the specialized knowledge of our sales team. We offer all IBM products at the current market prices. Our strong logistics partners grant a punctual and reliable delivery both nationally and internationally.

Delegate your expensive and risky warehousing to us.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Sinus ~ Range of products ~

Produkt Sinus LTO
Produkt CL
Storage media:
LTO 8, LTO 7, LTO 6,
LTO 5, LTO 4, LTO 3, LTO 2
magnetic tape cartridges
for High-performance
computing centers
Drive cleaning
Tape drive cleaning

Price list with daily updated purchase prices

Since we sell exclusively to resellers, it is necessary for you to log in with your user data. Then you have the possibility to download your price lists in the protected area.

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Keep your data under control and trust in IBM products.

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Labelling and initialisation service

Reduce the risk of lost and misplaced tapes.
If you already use backup tapes for automated systems, we can supply you with labelled and initialised media.
We supply you with the necessary labels for all common robot systems. They are tailored to the respective robot system. You can order the labels separately with the cartridges or you can order already labelled tapes. Of course, you can also get the labelled tapes including all necessary initialization.

- Labels for all common robot systems
- Labels for manually operated data centres
- initialization service

Phone: +49 (04407) 92 72 12 / Your contact person is Mrs. Witte.
You can also send us your order by email. Email:


Contact Sinus GmbH
SINUS Gesellschaft für EDV-Zubehör mbH
Rheinstrasse 11
26203 Wardenburg
Postfach 1102
26198 Wardenburg

Phone: 04407/92 72 0
Fax      : 04407/92 72 52

If you have any questions about our products, please contact our sales department:

Janosch Kindler                Phone : +49 04407 92 72 13    
Susan Witte                         Phone : +49 04407 92 72 12
Anke Ryppa-Kersten      Phone : +49 04407 92 72 14

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